A Glimpse Into The Founder

Sensei Raj believes that “Excellence and Winning are not just random acts, but carefully-cultivated habits. You can achieve excellence when you covet it enough and take appropriate action with the right approach and focused efforts in a timely manner”.

As a thought leader and visionary, Sensei Raj believes that innovation and collaboration are two of the pillars of sustainable development to progress forward in our global context. Finding new solutions to human problems that tackle the problems at the source to improve the quality of life for all would include effective collaborative and inclusive approaches, sharing honestly and openly resources and best practices to responsibly manifest sociocultural economic development. More importantly, to thrive and evolve in a peaceful world with harmony and dignity.

A social Changemaker and strategist with three decades of board-level directorial experience in different industry verticals focusing on strategy, innovation, impact investing, market creation, sustainable development, circular economy social entrepreneurship amongst others. Sensei Raj focuses on startups, SMEs and macro socio-economic initiatives with a special interest in deep systemic change to manifest global peace and prosperity through implementing innovative, integrative, inclusive, and fair processes to level the playing field for all. He truly believes that deep change within individuals can drive deep systemic change globally so we could thrive and evolve as a human specie collectively, responsibly and peacefully on our planet.

Systems thinker with a strong foundation in systems analysis, design & development lifecycles, change management, strategic management, sales & marketing lifecycles and experience on boards for rapid deployment and accelerated successes, conflict resolution, and negotiations.

A firm believer in conscious leadership style that combines the right perspective, empathetic approach, and harmony to cohesively lead transformational change at various enterprise levels and globally with a special focus on human excellence and high-performance teams who embody high values-based approach.

Past: Chess prodigy turned strategist. Now: a troubleshooter and social entrepreneur helping entities solve complex social & business challenges globally.

Past. Adventure sports pro who taught rock climbing and adventure sports to police & military. Now: coaches aspiring winners to break free from their limiting beliefs to live an empowered life with a winner’s mindset.

Past: Taught unarmed combat to police & military. Now: teaches winning attitude & self-confidence to aspiring leaders. A Clearance diver trained by the navy; now helps people find their depths of passion, direction, and excellence.

Past: Soccer professional. Now: coaches athletes & teams to perfect their inner game to become better athletes.

Past: Young entrepreneur started at fifteen who focused on business modeling and processes engineering. Now: Assists entrepreneurs to perfect their processes to contribute to the global economy with a positive impact.

A mechanical & marine engineer by education; now assists clients (individuals and businesses) to succeed by design globally.

Past: Serial entrepreneur who started young in diverse verticals – advertising, IT, underwater salvage, logistics, outbound leadership training. Now: Helps businesses thrive by coaching them to implement a culture of transformative and conscious leadership.

Social catalyst by fifteen; spoken at the UN and other global platforms for select humanitarian causes – against drugs & human trafficking, for water conservation, disaster relief & rehabilitation, sustainable development, children safety & anti-human trafficking; and continues his efforts in all these areas to promote global peace & prosperity while upholding human dignity.

As a Graphologist extraordinaire, NLP master trainer amongst others assists in defusing crises, conflicts resolution, cross border collaborations, team building and assisting in tapping the vast human potential including athletes

With several hundred medals in sports career; he now assists leaders elevate their A-game from good to great, by empowering their teams to perform cohesively with winners’ mindset